Counseling and Psychological Support Center

The Counseling and Psychological Support Center (KE.SY.PSY.S.) provides students from all departments of the University of Thessaly with the opportunity, if they wish, to receive psychological support and assistance for their personal difficulties and concerns. Additionally, they can receive training in acquiring skills for managing and resolving any problems they may encounter.

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Happiness cannot be pursued; it must ensue.

After arranging an appointment, students can have meetings with a specialized counselor on an individual or group basis, or they can participate in seminars organized at regular intervals.

All services are provided free of charge, and individual or group meetings are entirely confidential, maintaining strict personal privacy.


KE.SY.PSY.S. is based in Volos, where supervision and central coordination take place. However, it operates in all the cities where departments of the University of Thessaly are located (Volos, Larissa, Lamia, Trikala, Karditsa).

Our Facilities


The role of the psychologist counselor is to assist students in addressing challenges that arise in the academic environment and in other areas of their lives.

Our Team

Collaborating Organizations

  • Psychology and Education Applications Laboratory (PTΕΑ)

  • Developmental and Educational Psychology Laboratory (PTDE)

  • MSc in Counseling Psychology & Counseling in Special Education, Education & Health (PTΕΑ)

  • Volos Counseling Center (KΨΥ): Collaboration for family and group sessions for students in need of psychiatric monitoring

  • Volos PILOT Addiction Treatment Center (KΕΘΕΑ): Collaboration for students with addictive behaviors.

  • Mobile Mental Health Unit of Magnesia: Collaboration for students with severe psychopathology or psychotic symptoms.